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Yoga Therapeutics – A pathway for health, healing and harmony SESSION 2 with Petra Ledkovsky van Aarem

Saturday, November 21, 12–2:30PM

2.5 hour Workshop
All Levels

This two-part series will introduce some of the many ways which classical yoga with a modern therapeutic approach can be both preventative and curative in restoring balance and healthy function of the body.

From the ground up, we will explore the basic physiological and energetic anatomy of the body and address yoga techniques that support healing common injuries and conditions including:

• Plantar fasciitis, bunions, collapsed arches
• Ankle and knee sprain
• Lower back pain
• Digestive and reproductive health
• Respiratory health
• Neck and shoulder pain
• Wrist pain/carpel tunnel
• Migraine headache
• Depression and anxiety

SESSION 1 - focus on the lower body – feet, knees, pelvis, lower abdomen, lower back

SESSION 2 - focus on the upper body – spine, wrists/elbows, shoulder girdle, neck, cranium, nervous system

$50 Single Session, $90 Both Sessions