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Ropes + Slings Inversions for Backcare with Petra Ledkovsky van Aarem

Saturday, February 1, 12–1:30PM

1.5 hr Workshop
Practice yoga postures using the resistance and assistance of the wall ropes and slings to invite length, strength, traction and profound alignment awareness. Derived from the Iyengar Yoga tradition, working with the wall ropes is called Yoga Kurunta, which translates to ‘yoga puppet’. Benefits include improved posture and back/spine health, and a fresh new perspective!

Ropes + Slings Inversions for Backcare safely introduces variations of postures using the ropes and slings to prepare for confident exploration of inverted postures to create space and release pressure along the spine. Workshop includes working with slings hung from the ceiling. A regular yoga practice and familiarity with Ropes + Slings yoga is assumed, please be comfortable going upside down.

Cost: $30 in advance, $35 at the door