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Return to Neutral: Yoga for Emotional Self-Regulation - Part 2 with Sara Moran

Sunday, November 17, 1–3PM

2-hour Workshop
Appropriate for regular yoga practitioners, yoga teachers, mental health professionals and those working in the social services.

Part 2: Ask ‘Why?”
You have been practicing yoga for a while and you are noticing improvements in your emotional well-being. Why? You are a teacher, or completed a teacher training, and you are finding yourself asking, “why?” or seeking more knowledge about the practice beyond alignment, anatomy, and sequencing.
In group yoga classes there is not adequate time to go into the details of what is happening ‘behind the scenes’ in our practice. This workshop will explore the underlying principles of yoga that enables it to support our emotional well-being (in a more specific and detailed manner than part 1). When we understand ‘why?’ it allows us to integrate information in a more comprehensive manner and puts us in a position of empowerment. As teacher, when we assist students to understand the ‘why?’ we empower them to become more independent in the use of their yoga practice.
Topics to include: Exploration of the overlap of yoga philosophy and modern psychology, basic neuroscience (interoception, exteroception, proprioception), the Vagus nerve, Heart Rate Variability (HRV), principles of a trauma-informed practice including use of touch and development/maintenance of boundary

Limited to 15 participants.
Cost: $40 ($70 for both Part 1 + 2)

Sara E. Moran, ATR-BC, LADC-I, RYT 500 is an art therapist, psychotherapist, and yoga teacher. Sara has been working in mental health for 15 years. Sara’s experience working in crisis environments and with highly traumatized individuals has taught her the necessity of self-regulation (both personally and as a provider). Sara is the founder of Cape Cod Art Therapy, a specialty therapy practice which integrates the creative arts and yoga, with traditional psychotherapy. Sara is a seeker and believes that knowledge is the highest form of empowerment. She is on a continual quest to advance her study in a range of topics always asking ‘why?’ and never settling on a single answer.