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East Coast Livestream Prajna Yoga Summer Immersion - In the Flow of the Now with Tias & Surya Little

Saturday, August 1

In place of our beloved annual 2-day Cape Cod event, we are excited to offer this 1-day livestream immersion. Tias and Surya will join us live via Zoom from the Prajna Yoga Temple in Santa Fe for a morning and afternoon session with a 2 hour break for lunch. There will be time at the close of the second session for Q&A and sharing with Tias and Surya. While we will certainly miss seeing you in person, we look forward to gathering the northeast sangha to connect and practice together virtually.


Saturday, August 1st 11am - 1pm
Riding the Changing Edge

In practice we aim to find the edge within each pose. The edge is the threshold to change, growth and awakening. While typically students aim to push their edges further, this practice is about abiding at the edge, without pushing against it or pulling back from it. No matter how small, each edge represents a possibility for growth and transformation. In this class discover that whether on or off the mat, you are always on the changing edge.

Saturday, August 1st 3-5pm
Practicing Presence

Yoga is a practice to be whole heartedly in the moment. Whether on or off the mat, we aim to be in the flow of presence for whatever is arising. Yet if the moment is always passing, how do we arrive at full open presence?  In this class, we weave together movement, stillness, sound, pranayama and visualization. 

$35 Single Session
$65 Both Sessions

*Please set up with at least one yoga block, blanket and strap*

This livestream Prajna Yoga offering is hosted by Orleans Yoga and will take place on 11am-1pm and 3-5pm Eastern Standard Time via Zoom.