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Harmonizing Yin + Yang with Dawn Spunzo

Sunday, March 29, 1–3PM

2 hour Workshop with Dawn Spunzo & Ingrid Jaeger
Open Levels


This time of year is challenging both physically and emotionally as we transition from winter to spring. Our bodies feel sluggish after months of winter hibernation, yet we may feel restless or agitated as we anticipate the warmer and lighter days of spring.

Ingrid and Dawn will lead you through a balancing practice targeting the denser, connective (yin) tissues of the hips, pelvis and spine, combined with movement and breath to engage the (yang) muscular body. This workshop will restore and maintain the natural mobility of the joints, energetically open the body's meridian system to enhance the flow of Qi (chi) and support emotional equilibrium. This slow-paced class is suitable for all levels.

About Ingrid Jaeger:

Ingrid is a Yoga Teacher who works with students of all ages and abilities and her teaching style is accommodating and inclusive. She infuses her classes with a blended style that includes vinyasa, hatha, yin yoga, and meditation. She started teaching a weekly yoga class at her gym years ago, but after making some significant life changes, she decided to commit to teaching yoga on a full time basis. She is currently working towards a 500 hour certification with a focus on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yin yoga. She teaches at 3 studios on Cape Cod, works with private clients, and offers workshops designed to help those who are interested in healing through yoga and meditation.


COST: $35 in advance, $40 at the door