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Ground to Release: Fall Equinox Yoga Ceremony with Petra Ledkovsky van Aarem

Wednesday, September 22, 5:45–7:45PM

IN STUDIO 2hr Workshop - Open Level
The autumnal equinox marks the transition between summer and fall, when the Earth’s two hemispheres receive the sun’s rays equally and night and day are approximately equal in length.
Join Petra at this potent moment of balance and planetary alignment for a deeply nourishing practice of grounding asana, pranayama and meditation to balance the nervous system and support the body’s immune system as we shift seasons.
Special focus will be on postures and breathwork that bolster the lungs and heart, support lymphatic drainage, and release anxiety and stress. Supportive nutrition and lifestyle practices for the fall season will be discussed as well.

In this transition from summer to fall, find solace and strength in your yoga practice.

$35 for non-members, pre-registration required
*FREE for members! Please sign-up by emailing