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From Earth to Sky: Embodying the Elements in Yoga with Tias Little

October 7 - 10

4-day course with Tias Little

In yoga the body is thought to be comprised of five primary elements that give rise to the bones, blood, breath and nerves. The art of practice involves finding a coordinated balance between each of the five elements: earth, water, fire, air and space. In this yoga immersion we explore the anatomical, energetic and psycho-spiritual quality of each element. Through postures, breath work, meditation and sound, learn how to harmonize the five elements. Tias teaches through imagery, anatomical drawing, poetry, scripture and metaphor to provide a felt sense of the presence of each embodied element. By animating the five elements, we increase the flow of prana through all the channels of the subtle body. Each day includes meditation, flowing movements (SATYA), dharma study and both dynamic and therapeutic asana. 

Wednesday, October 7th
9:30am - 4:30pm
Earth: Feet, Legs and Pelvis

The lower body is the foundation of the earth element. In this class we awaken the feet, enliven the legs and cultivate stability in the pelvis. We connect to the bones to in order to bring enduring strength to the core body. We connect to the ground via SATYA movements, supine and standing poses. In meditation we become established at the root of the body/mind.

Thursday, October 8th
9:30am - 4:30pm
Water: Sacrum and Hip Joints

In yoga, the fertile waters of life flow through the sacrum. This class explores both fluidity and equilibrium within the sacrum and sacral-iliac joints.Water suggests creativity, sensuality, aliveness and play. We investigate the close link between the reproductive system and the water element.  Through hip openers and flowing movements we create vitality, space and lightness at the base of the spine.

Friday, October 9th
9:30am - 4:30pm
Fire: Solar Plexus

The abdomen is the hearth of the body and stoking the inner fire is a key component to yoga training. In this class, we explore the relationship between the kidneys, adrenals, lumbar spine and iliopsoas muscle in order to ignite the fire within. We use pranayama to bring breath and vitality into the furnace of the belly.

Saturday, October 10th
9:30am - 4:30pm
Air: Lungs, Space: Cranium

The vital air (prana) moves through the lungs and sustains all the tissues of the body. This class focuses on regulating the pulse of prana as it moves through the chest, lungs and ribs. In order to expand the element of air, we  stretch the shoulders and arms and make the respiratory diaphragm elastic. In pranayama we cleanse and aerate the lungs in order to bring levity and joy to the heart.

While air resides in the chest, the element of space, the “highest” of all the elements, resides in the upper neck and skull. The structures within the cranium are delicate, thus it is critical to release pressure in the sensory organs, the jaw and cranial bones. By yoking to space, we cultivate sublime states of meditative awareness. 

Full Elements Course - $600 before September 7th, $675 thereafter
Single Day - $170

The Church of the Holy Spirit
204 Monument Road
Orleans, MA 02653