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An Evening of Personal Exploration with the Breath with

Friday, December 20, 6–8:30PM

2.5 hour - All Levels
An Introduction to Therapeutic Breathwork co-facilitated by Ken Fishman and Wayne Lapinski — a profound experience of conscious connected breathing that will inspire breath awareness and a healthier breath pattern.
The word spirit comes from the Latin spiritus meaning “breath” and also “spirit soul, courage, vigor.” Students will be introduced to using conscious connected breath.
Using this breath pattern students will be:
• Moving prana (energy) in the body
• increasing oxygen levels in the body
• Releasing habitual patterns of holding
• Reducing stress levels / clearing the mind
• Improving the quality of their sleep
• Experiencing a profound sense of peaceful relaxation
Participants will be introduced to the concept of using the breath as a tool to move energy through the body. Then we will practice the technique as a group.
The focused session will start with gentle aerobic movement. It will be followed by the breath practice done in a comfortable reclined position, with coaching and periodic hands-on facilitation. A soundtrack of music will guide the session. The evening will end with a debrief / Q&A.
Participants will need to bring a yoga mat, 2 pillows, journal, water and an open mind.
Cost:  $50 

Note: Returning participants may arrive at 6:30pm, introduction to the technique will be presented from 6 - 6:30pm.