Meet Our Members: Karl Petrow

As a part of a new series here on our blog, we're introducing some of the wonderful and devoted yogis that make up our community. First up: Karl Petrow! Learn more about Karl below...

When did you start practicing yoga?
I started doing Yoga in 2007.  I practiced once or twice a week in Dennis for two months.  I would attend any class that fit my schedule and practiced hot, Bikram, flow, and Ashtanga.  I slowly became more dedicated to my practice and about 6 months in was doing ashtanga daily and would do a flow class occasionally.  After around 2 years of daily practice, circumstances changed and I completely dropped yoga for almost four years.

What's your yoga story?
I started doing yoga again in early October of 2013, but not until January of 2014 did I finally have the time to start practicing daily.  I quit my second job in January, and went from 15 hour days to 8 and my first priority was to get back in shape both physically and mentally.

What keeps you coming back to your mat on a regular basis?
I keep coming back to the mat for the peace of mind.  The physical struggle allows me to concentrate on one thing, achieving that current pose, and clears my mind of all other stress and anxiety.

What's your favorite pose and why?
I like them all equally except the ones I don't like at all. My least favorite pose is chair pose. It just seems like a stubborn pose that you have to fight with; no flexibility or balance brought into the pose. Lotus and Jump-Throughs are my two top yoga goals. Lotus is a 2014 goal. Jumping through is a lifetime goal.

Feel free to say hello to Karl the next time that you see him on the mat!

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